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American Line Builders

American Line Builders provides its members with an effective agency through which to express their collective voice on issues affecting the line construction industry.  Today the chapter represents qualified, reliable, and experienced line contractors in the District of Columbia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.

NECA Newsroom

NECA Newsroom April 2022 | New ELECTRI Addition, Project Excellence Awards, and More

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NECA Newsroom March 2022 | NECA Trivia, Profile of the Electrical

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NECA Newsroom 2/14/22 | Kirk Davis, New NECA Addition, and Upcoming Conferences

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NECAnet Video

NECA eSafetyLine June 2020 Safety Minute

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Ways to Communicate Effectively With Congress

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NECA Members Taking Safety Measures During COVID-19

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Our Mission Statement

Chartered in 1956, American Line Builders core mission is to serve the management interests of member contractors in the outside electrical construction industry by providing assistance, information, resources, and services which will permit them the highest levels of excellence to achieve business success.

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